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Featured Image Problem

  • Hi,

    I am facing a problem for setting my featured image for blog, I am not able to understand what should be the size of the image?

    One size fits well for blog grids on homepage, but once I open the blog category the same size shrinks or expands.

  • Hi there,

    The best image size is the one that fits the design and is the same size as it renders on the front end.

    Can you link us to a category page?

  • I am using generate press demo theme Poolswift.

    If you see there is a blog posts section on home page and the featured image there is not fitting in properly. So, please advise size of image that I should use

    And I am using some texts on featured image so it looks bad when it gets shrieked or partially cut.

    Also on end of each blog post, there is section of recent posts, and it shrinks there as well and also on mobile view.

    Please advise. Below is website url for reference.

  • So this is not about image size, but the image aspect ratio.

    you can select the image block, and reduce its height so it can be closer to the featured image aspect ratio.

    For example, set the image block’s height to 200px.

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