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Font Styles Required for Adding Local Fonts

  • I’m following the instructions below for adding local fonts, however it’s not clear to me which font styles should be downloaded. I don’t want to download more than necessary, as it may adversely impact page speed. I believe I don’t need the italics versions as the browser can generate that, however there are still 100/200/etc. versions available for download (e.g. for Raleway). How can I determine which styles I will need?

    For reference, I’m using the GeneratePress “Wired” starter site and the only changes to Typography I will be making is assigning one font type to headers, and another to body text.

  • Hi there,

    however it’s not clear to me which font styles should be downloaded.

    This question depends on your needs. We can not instruct users what to download.

    however there are still 100/200/etc How can I determine which styles I will need

    That’s the font weight, depends on what font weight you want to use based on your design.

  • I see. However, I think all I need to know is what font styles are currently being used by the default Wired starter theme, and work my way backwards to figure out what to download. For example, if H1 = is “700 Open Sans”, my thought is I could download the “700” version of my preferred font and assign it to H1 in Customize/Typography/Font Family. However, I can’t tell what the default font styles are being used by my theme – can you point me in that direction? Or am I going about this all wrong and what I have in mind won’t work for some reason?

    All I’m trying to achieve is add/use local fonts while maintaining whatever functionality the starter theme already comes with. I believe following the guide I linked previously was the preferred method, I’m just stuck on the font style selection step. If there’s a better way of doing this, please let me know.

  • Hi BigTex,

    Wired just uses system default fonts. It doesn’t load any font.

    If you plan to exactly copy Wired, don’t host or use any font. Doing that should make your site automatically use a System default font.

  • No, I’m not trying to copy Wired exactly – I do want to change the font type but I think I need help figuring out what my “needs” are. I think all I need is: bold/italic fonts varying in size from 16-40px – will downloading the “regular” font style suffice to meet these needs? If not, how can I figure out whether I need the 100, 200, etc. versions?

  • This question is not theme-related, nor we can help you decide which font to download, it depends on your own design.

    I would suggest doing some more research on fonts, including font weight, and font style. Figure out what is the font file you should download exactly.

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