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Front Page has 1 sec wait time

  • My front page has a 1 second wait time that is adding to the over all page loading time. This shows up on mobile as well as desktop. I have duplicated the page, and I have noticed the same ~ 1 sec wait time when the page is designated as the Frontpage.
    Let me clarify this…When the page is designated as the Frontpage there is an additional 1 sec in the page load speed that shows as waiting in GTMetrix. If I remove the page from the front page designation, the extra wait time goes away.
    Is there a setting that could cause this? I do not know where to look.
    My DNS is through Cloudflare.

    Here is the website:
    Front Page

    Du0plicated page

  • I figured out the problem.
    When the website was pushed from staging to production, the www on the front of the url was not added back.
    The General settings in WordPress had the site url without the www. Once I changed the WordPress General settings site url to include the www, the 1 sec delay went away.
    The 1 sec delay returns when I do not use the www.

  • Awesome, glad to know you’ve figured out the solution!

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