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Front Page stretch on mobile (chrome browser)

  • Hello,

    My front page stretch to the left and too much gaps remain on right side (Mobile Chrome browser) I have checked all the main and inner containers and they are fixed with screen don’t went out of the screen.

    How do i resolve this issue? your kind responsive will save me too much time.


  • Hi,

    Can you lin us to the page?

  • Hi there,

    Could i provide the credentials for see what the issue is?

    Just to clarify that i have only stretching issue with mobile (stretch from right to left.

  • Hi there,

    Yes, you may. Kindly share the login link and the credentials through the Private Information field.

  • Hi Fernando,

    Kindly go through .. . . . .

  • That’s odd. Can you try #1 here to debug:

    It’s recommended to backup your site before proceeding with this.

  • Okay, thank you for the work, I will do, and later on update you here.

  • Actually, could you first try setting the Header – Site Header Element to draft to test? I think that might be it.

  • First, I will check the header element that I activated through (GP Elements) – If my issue resolve than I will update you here.

  • E.g. remove header element and activate simple primary navigation

  • It seems that was the cause of the issue.

    Could you re-share admin login credentials so I can check them? The current shared credentials aren’t working. Re-activate the Element as well.

  • Hi there,

    I have de-activated the header element – the issue has resolved. Now I have re-activated again and the issue appear again.

    kindly check the private info.

  • The issue is coming from the Shortcode.

    Could you try disabling the Sticky Navigation from the Customizer to test?

  • Thank you for the kind support, the issue has fixed by disabling the sticky navigation.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the interruption here, my 95% issue has solved. The only issue I have is my Front page is tiny stretching to both Left & Right side across all the page.

    All the rest pages works fine.

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