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gb-highlight class global setting not in customizer

  • krempel-und-co


    I just noticed that I can’t set a color for the gb-highlight <mark>-tag / class globally.
    Is this intentional? I just can set it for the container / headline while editing the page, but I want a global setting for this – am I missing something here, or is this not possible currently via the customizer?

    Kind regards!
    – Maurice

  • Hi there,

    it requires CSS: {
        color: #f00;

    It was never part of the Customizer as there was never really a need to style it globally.

  • krempel-und-co

    Hello David,

    thanks for getting back to me, fast as always 😊

    Since I can style almost everything else in the customizer and without using custom css, I’d expect there to be a setting for it in the visual editor, even if it might not be an everyday use case. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be an option to set it globally. (But I get it’s not used very often, it’s hidden behind two clicks in gutenberg, haha). Maybe you can note this as a feature request?

    I like to have a mostly streamlined experience and have all the setting as equal and cohesive as possible, precisely because we hand over our websites to our clients, who are not always WordPress experts or web experts.

    But good to know I’m not missing something. In the meantime I’ll use custom css to style it globally.


  • We have some plans for future GB updates that will allow you styles this kind of thing globally
    So watch this space πŸ™‚

  • krempel-und-co

    I’m keeping my eyes peeled! 😊

    Especially since block themes are getting more and more popular and are “the future of wordpress” (at least if you ask WP) – if you have any insight or information if GP is getting a block theme make over, I’d be glad too πŸ˜›

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