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GB: “Open links in a new tab” not working

  • When I change the Container Link “open links in a new tab” toggle to ON, then save the post, it doesn’t work. When I click the link it does not open in a new tab. I went back into the link config to see and noticed the Container Link “open links in a new tab” toggle reverted back to OFF.


  • Hi there,

    I can not replicate the same issue on my site.

    Are your GB and GB Pro plugins up to date?

    If you create a new container, and set up the container link, does the issue happen too?

  • Yes, the plugins are up to date.

    I created a new container and setup the link as you requested and it worked fine.

    I noticed something with the container links that aren’t working (“open links in a new tab” keep reverting to off. If you look at the list view on the left you’ll see the GB button is surrounded by a dashed line box. Check out what I mean out here:

  • Hi Tampoppie,

    I see. That seems to be the old Buttons Block. Do you have a lot of Buttons acting this way?

    One thing you can do is to recreate all those Buttons.

    Since you have GB Pro, you can create a Local Pattern for the Buttons so that you can add them easily.

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