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GB Tabs – Two button rows?

  • Is it possible to create a generateblocks tab block, with the button rows split into two rows? Ideally, I’d like one row with five buttons above the tab items and the second button row with five buttons below the tab items.

    The result I’m going for should have a row of five buttons above and a row of five buttons below, with all the tabbed content sandwiched in the middle between both rows of buttons.

  • Hi there,

    yes 🙂

    1. select the Tab Buttons container:
    1.1 set its Layout > Flex Wrap to Wrap
    1.2 set its Sizing > Width to 100%

    2. select each of the buttons ands set their Sizing > Width to 20%

    Now the first 5 buttons will fill the first row, and the next 5 buttons will fall to the next row etc

  • Thanks, is it possible for the second row to fall below the tab items so that the content appears between both rows of buttons?

  • Not really,
    The way to do that would be to use 2 separate tab blocks.

  • Okay, thanks.

  • You’re welcome

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