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Generate Blocks Pro Gallery Patterns

  • Hi there,

    I was playing around with the Gallery Pattern from Generate Blocks Pro.

    I wasn’t able to create a clickable gallery which allows the visitor to open a clicked imaged in a large view. Isn’t that possible using the Gallery patterns?

    I would need a function to open an image on click and then open a “slide” where the user can click right or left arrows to have a look at several images.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi there,

    i think a regular light box plugin should handle that for you.

    that should automatically adds the lightbox to any image links.
    So make sure the Images have their Dynamic Data active and the Link Source set to the Image attachment.

  • Hi David,

    thanks a lot for the link to the responsive lightbox plugin.

    Can you maybe share css code which would lead to only one or two
    preview images? As you can see on my website projects, there are several
    preview images per gallery which is too much.

    I added the link to the private information.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi there,

    Have you checked within the lightbox plugin settings to see if there is an option to adjust that?

  • Yes,

    I made all settings which should adjust that.

    Still, nothing happens.

  • In that case, you can try this CSS:

    #rl-gallery-container-1 .rl-gallery > :nth-child(n + 6) {
      display: none;
    #rl-gallery-container-2 .rl-gallery > :nth-child(n + 5) {
      display: none;
  • Thanks a lot, Alvind.

    That helps.

    What does the (n + 5) refer to?
    At the moment, 4 and 5 preview images are being shown.
    Can I both set to 3?

    Thanks again and talk soon!

  • Hi there,

    (n + 5) targets the 5th item and all items after it.
    So to show only 3 items you would change it to (n + 4) as that would remove the 4th item onwards

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