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GenerateBlocks – copying elements between posts break uniqueness of IDs

  • Hello Support-Team,

    I’ve recreated the issue on a fresh WordPress 6.5.3 installation.
    These are the changes I did:
    Theme installed: GeneratePress 3.4.0
    Modules activated: Blog and Spacing

    Plugins installed: GenerateBlocks 1.9.1, GenerateBlocks Pro 1.7.0, GP Premium 2.4.0 and Yoast Duplicate Post.

    GenerateBlocks Settings -> CSS PRINT METHOD -> Inline Embedding
    GenerateBlocks Settings

    Appearance Customize – Use infinite scroll
    Customizing Layout

    I’ve created a post Test A containing a grid, a container, an image and a more element.
    Container: GRID ITEM WIDTH (%) 50
    Image: HEIGHT 300px, OBJECT-FIT Contain

    create Post 1
    create Post 2
    create Post 3

    Then I’ve created a new post Test B and copy all elemenents from Test A. The result is, Test B contains all the IDs from Test A.
    create Test A
    create Test B

    Adding background color and border to Test B
    create Test B-2

    For each post the IDs are unique but not in blog mode
    create Test A-2
    create Test B-3

    Test A shows the styles from Test B now
    create Test Blog

  • Hi there,

    it’s a known issue, the copy and pase function can only regenerate unique classes on the same page. And as yet there is no solutiun for this:

    To get around that Duplicate, then CUT and PASTE between the posts. The duplicate option generates a new class on the fly.

  • Hello David,

    my post is actually not related to the copy and paste function. It’s related to the style tag rendering on the blog page, like my other post “GenerateBlocks – style tags are missing on blog page”. Because in this case, an earlier post (Test A) reuse the style tags from the later post (Test B). I understand that at the end it’s a problem caused by the user itself, but I don’t think that a default user is aware of this.
    I’ve searched the GenerateBlocks documentation for “copy” and for “paste” and couldn’t find any information regarding this issue.


  • The COPY and PASTE issue resulting in duplicate classes isn’t related as such to the other issue ie. the missing style tags.
    Which i replied to here:

    I’ll add some more info to that reply i a moment.

    The COPY and PASTE issue generally only shows up in support topics where users have copied blocks from a Post to a GP Element, where both instances of the block would be seen on the front end.

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