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Generateblocks Global Styles Icon Headline Height

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to use a global style for SVG height in icon but have some problems with it. To just the dimensions of non-square SVG icons used in headlines, I want to use a global style ‘.gbc-svg-non-square-icon-correction’ class for headline blocks.

    1. While using Global Styles, I can select the icon. This is great, but the Height I enter there isn’t specific as there is some other css. How would you achieve that without using !important?
    2. I noticed that the semicolon is missing in the admin area when I’m checking the generated css for example: {
    height: 16px
    Is this a bug?

  • Hi there,

    1. your CSS would need to be this specific:
 .gb-icon svg {
        height: auto;

    To do that, edit your gbc-svg-non-square-icon-correction global style.
    And choose the Manage Selector option and Add New.
    In the field provided add: .gb-headline .gb-icon svg and check the Compound Selector toggle. And click create.

    Now you should see the .gb-icon svg selector class.

    2. Its not an error its just the way we compile our CSS, and a missing ; from the last property in a rule is still valid. It may be something we can tweak so as not to cause any alarm 🙂

  • thanks. Works nicely.

  • Glad to be of help

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