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GenerateBlocks – responsive image resize based on container size

  • Hello Support-Team,

    I’ve tested it on a fresh WordPress 6.5.3 installation.
    These are the changes I did:
    Theme installed: GeneratePress 3.4.0
    Modules activated: Blog and Spacing

    Plugins installed: GenerateBlocks 1.9.1, GenerateBlocks Pro 1.7.0, GP Premium 2.4.0 and Yoast Duplicate Post.

    GenerateBlocks Settings -> CSS PRINT METHOD -> Inline Embedding
    GenerateBlocks Settings

    Appearance Customize – Use infinite scroll
    Customizing Layout

    I would like to use a container to responsive resize the image inside it. For images in square (1.) or landscape (2.) it works, but how to do it correctly for images in portrait (4.)?
    I don’t want to set the size for the image manually each time and even if I do, the size of the container in the middle is not 50% anymore. (3.)

    responsive image resize


  • Hi there,

    you would need to force it with sone CSS:

    .gb-container .gb-block-image {
        height: 100%;
        box-sizing: border-box;
    .gb-container .gb-block-image img {
        height: 100%;
        width: 100%;
        object-fit: cover;

    Please note, that using CSS to resize images may effect the browser ability to choose an appropriate srcset image, resulting in the largest srcset image being loaded regardless

  • Hello David,

    thank you for your response. Are you sure object-fit is cover and not contain?




  • That depends on your expectations, more info here:

    I assumed you wanted the image to fill the parent Container Block in both its Width and Height, and for that cover will work, but will crop the image if necessary.

  • Thank you, David.

  • You’re welcome

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