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Global styles in button text display different on front end

  • Hi folks

    I’m getting frustrated. I have spent (invested) a significant amount of time learning the new global styles system. it’s great.

    However, there’s a bug. I set up a button, but it doesn’t display properly on the front end.


    The text color is fine, but as soon as I edit the text in the button, it changes from white (in the global style) to blue.

    Blue is my accent color in the global colors, and I read a ~2 year old thread that if there’s a global color, that it conflicts with the core gutenberg button styling?

    Anyway- please give me a quick fix for this. I’ve already burnt over 2 hours messing with it. Thanks


  • Hi Michael,

    Your screenshot link does not work for me.
    Can you link us to the page and point us to the button?

  • Hi Ying,

    I’ve included the page link in the area below.

    Also- a quick bit of info, or clue? that might help.

    I restored a backup from my host to fix another problem, and the style rendered correctly at first.

    After caching, reloading, the blue problem came back.



  • Hi there,

    I didn’t see the button color issue on the page you provided. I also looked at other pages on your site, and the button color appears to be normal.

    Does this happen only in the block editor?

  • Hi Alvind,

    I was having the issue yesterday on 2 different browsers. Now it’s okay.

    It also looks fine on chrome, as long as I’m logged out as admin. As soon as I’m logged as admin, the color changes. The color looks fine when logged in as other users- just admin has the incorrect color.

    I guess as long as I know it’s just a display issue for admin logins, I can work around it. It would still be nice to know what’s happening.



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