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H6 rendering different font to customizer

  • hi – h6 is coming up as times new roman but set to roboto in customizer,

    pls advise as there is no times new .. in html,

    changing h5 to h6 reneders it to strong

  • Hi there,

    Under Customize > Typography > Font Manager, click on the font. Is the Use Google Fonts API activated?

  • I turned google fonts off to help with LCP issue, was working ok b4

  • Hi there,

    if you turn off the Google Fonts API then you would need to load the font locally.

  • yup- that’s what i’m doing, and have been for about 3 mths or so whenever the lcp issue started.

    It is overriding local “roboto” font but have switched to anther local font and seems to be working

  • I don’t see a local font loading on the site ?

  • Some mths ago I disabled google fonts in GP customizer.
    Looking at Cust.. now I cant retrace my steps but a load of google fonts jargon disappeared in lcp speedtest page and my understaing was my fonts are being retrieved from my server.

  • Your h6 is loading Arial font:

    Have you selected a font family for h6 in the customizer?

  • Are u saying i am still using google fonts?

  • No, Arial font is a Microsoft font, it’s one of the system default on windows machines.

  • Right, so if it’s not a local font or a google font what is it?

  • How did you add the local fonts in the first place? Was it by using a plugin or the method from our documentation?

  • i think we’re veering off course here.
    local roboto font was defaulting to time new roman
    i changed it to local arial and now it doessn’t to tnr

    David tells me I’m using google fonts, you are telling me its local font.

  • Can you tell me what font you set in the customzier for h6?

    Or can you share an admin login for us to check the backend?

  • Inherit

  • Can you provide temporary login credentials for your site for us to take a closer look?

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