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Header section height changes when you mouse over the page after first loading

  • I am seeing something odd that I cannot fix. When I load my page and mouse over any site section, my header height changes to larger. Is this a common issue or setting I am overlooking? I don’t know how to stop this from happening.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi there,

    Do you know why you have this CSS? Are you trying to target the list block? It’s affecting the menu items as well.

    ul li {
        margin-bottom: 18px;

    Try changing it to:

    .site ul li {
        margin-bottom: 18px;

    Let me know if the issue still persists after changing the CSS and clearing cache.

  • Hi Ying. Yes that was the issue! Thank you. I was trying to space the bullet points on pages so they are not so tight . What should i use instead of what i had? I removed the entire CSS and that fixed the header from growing.

  • I provided the 2nd CSS to replace your original CSS in my last reply 🙂

  • ah… Sorry. All good. Thanks Ying.

  • I will close this out. Thanks again.

  • No Problem 🙂

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