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hide on mobile

  • I have one “page” and two “articles” where I designed a grid element for the full-screen and one for mobile.

    When I check the “page” in the backend I can see, that the two elements have NO “hide” attributes active, I am sure, when designing I activated them accordingly. Yet on the frontend view, they behave as if the “hide” attribute was activated ether for full-screen or mobile.

    When I check the “article” in the back-end the “hide on mobile” is activated for the grid-element for full-screen. But the mobile-element is not visible at all (?). But when viewing the article in the front-end I see, that there are to elements, they exist in the front end, but the mobile element is invisible in the backend. Same by the way for an other article.

    I have included the links as a private info. I have deactivated all of my plugins, yet I could not access the truly hidden elements in the back-end. Itested on different computers and different browsers.

    The designs are a little older, so I guess that there have been two new versions of generatepress since, maybe three.

  • Hi there,

    The hide-on feature is in the advanced panel, you don’t see it there?

    If so, can you provide an admin login for me to check the back end?

    Let me know 🙂

  • No, nothing there (on the “page”), please also look at the articles.

    Yes, I can give you my password: see my entry at the bottom of the private information box. I’ll change it afterwards.

  • I think, these problems occured in the beginning of 2023 after an update of one of the generatepress-plugins or -theme. It took me some time to find a mid-night to deactivate all of the plugins, that was today. So this thing goes back a longer time.

  • Hi there,

    Checking your site, it seems to be working as expected.

    But, just use one feature – I would recommend just using the toggles instead of adding the class to avoid conflict:

  • Hello,

    I am sorry it is not working. I overlooked indeed, that I had added the CSS class, I just looked at the not activated toggles and wondered. So yes, that alone would be o.k. But…

    Now I changed the method, no class but toggles and that was o.k.. But then I also pushed the button to convert the old legacy layout to the new. And now I have exactly this problem as described, I can no longer access the mobil version of the block in the backend, that is still there on the front-end.

    Here you can see the front-end: two different views of fullscreen and mobile (the image at the top of the page). But in the back-end the block for mobile disappeared. So the problem is a legacy block problem, I guess.

    What else can I do but to redesign with a new page?

    Could you please check again in my back-end?

    Regards Klaus

  • Hi there,

    see here:

    The Container Blocks around the images have the Advanced > Hide ON selected.

  • Hello David, I am sorry, but there is something that I don’t seem to get, maybe: If I DEactivate the toggle-button “hide on mobile”, the mobile block still is not accessible. I can see it, in this documents-list. But I can’t work on it. It is still hidden everywhere else in my back-end, it doesn’t reappear (it seems to me, but maybe I am just too gp-version-1.0?) Kind regards and thank you (also to Ying and Fernando).

  • I have no issue editing it – on:

    I unchecked the Hide on Desktop so you should be able to see it now (?)

  • Would you believe, that I did this without success… Well, thank you anyway (for your patience).

  • There have been other instances we have see where the WP Editor does odd things such as showing an incorrect option or a missing panel.
    And its tied to the user login account.
    So it may be worth logging in with a different account if the issue re-occurs

    Glad to be of help

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