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High CLS – don’t know what to do

  • Dear Generate Press team,

    I have tried a lot and am now at my wit’s end. The CLS is exorbitantly high. I have already rummaged through the article:

    Can you help? I just can’t find out what the problem could be. It shows the entire page as an indicator in Page Speed – it’s primarily about the post pages.

    Kind regards

  • Hi there,

    it looks like you’re running both WP Rocket and Perfmatters on your site.
    And either ( or both ) of those plugins are performaing CSS opitimizations that loads only “used” or “critical” CSS on inital load and defers the rest to load later. Which is causing CLS as its NOT loading all the necessary CSS to start.

    As a general note using both those plugins together is not advisable unless you ensure they are NOT performing the same options.

    You will need to find which CSS optimization(s) in which plugin(s) are causing the delayed loading and eliminate that.

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