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Homepage Hook Element Issues

  • Hello,

    So I edited the “lets make a statement” hook element on the homepage of the Bold theme, and I’ve added white text below the title and it shows up on Mobile but it won’t show up on Desktop.

    Then – I need to be able to create a duplicate of the hook, and edit it so that the image is bigger and closer to the text on Mobile, but I can’t see how I can do this as elements don’t work the same as editable sections within the page, do they? Any advice would therefore be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Ella Stearn

  • Hi there,

    You can edit that Element, and duplicate the container in the same way you can if it were in a post or page

  • Okay, thank you, so I’ve duplicated it and created 1 version for mobile and 1 version for desktop. But still:

    1) On mobile, I’m having the same issue as on my other topic, where the mobile editing is showing the image to be big but is actually showing on mobile very small.

    2) And on desktop – it’s not showing the white paragraph text under the title – even though it does on mobile and there’s no “hide-on-desktop” code on it or anything.


  • 1. OK, i replied to the other topic regarding this.

    2. I can see the text below the title ? What happens if you log out of your site and clear the browser caches. Does it appear correctly?

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