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Hook Priority issue in combination with term meta and title

  • Hi GP-Team,

    i have a strange issue with showing term meta and title in a page hero (after header hook) for category archive pages.

    If I have another block hooked to after header hook (in this case with a search bar) with a lower priority, then the term meta and title in the page hero are not shown.
    Nor stranger is, that the background image (also term meta) works correct.
    The issue is only for (custom) term meta for text fields.

    I need this priorities like I set this, because the block with the search bar has to be before the block with the page hero.

    Do you have any idea on that?

    Thanks P.Prosch

  • Hi there,

    the Container block with the Background Image, what blocks did you place inside that ?
    Can i see a screenshot with their dynamic data settings in view.

  • Hi David,

    thanks for your reply.

    Here is a screenshot with the settings.

    Again: with changings to a lower hook priority things works …

  • Hmmm…. could i get a login to take a closer look ?

  • Hi David,
    since I can’t give you access, I do a little more testing on this strange issue.

    I found out, that this issue is caused only in combination with the plugin “Ajax Search Pro” (by

    I tried both possibilities (Shortcode and special AjaxSearchPro-Block) to insert the search bar in the gp container. Same issue for both!

    Any idea on that?

    I don’t know which one of you (GeneratePress, GenerateBlocks or AjaxSearchPro) should I ask for help now!?!
    Perhaps you can get in touch with wp-dreams (if needed) because it looks like a gp only issue at the first moment …


  • another information on this …

    I found out, if I use the gp-blocks dynamic data function with post meta instead of the gp-pressI term meta function I got the output right!

    I don’t know why …

    The “wrong way” is ok for me, but with this “solution” I still got the issue with the title.
    I found no way to get the Term title/name outputted without use of the title function of gp-press.

    Perhaps this helps ….

  • Hi there,

    It would be hard to assess such an issue without seeing the site especially since it seems that the third-party plugin you have is causing a conflict.

    The code for our dynamic options is pretty standard and straightforward and should work in such a circumstance so it would be best to reach out to the support of the plugin you’re using as to why their plugin is affecting the dynamic option’s functionality.

    If the alternative solution you found works, then that should be fine.

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