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How Do I Add Borders To Images?

  • antonio.tourino

    Hello, I’m making a container which I want to have images that link out to other articles on my website, how do I add borders to each image within the container, and how do I move them so they’re not touching the border?

    Here’s an image of what it currently looks like


  • Hi there,

    can I see that page on your website ? then I can advise on what changes to make.

  • antonio.tourino

    here’s the page:

  • Ok,
    I would do this:

    1. add a Container Block
    1.1 set its Layout > Display to Flex, and Flex Wrap to Wrap.

    2. inside the Container add another Container Block.
    2.1 set is Sizing > Width to 25%
    2.2 set its Border to 1px and the colour you require.

    3. inside that Container add a GB Image Block
    3.1 set its Width to 100% this will fill the container it sets inside of.

    At this point the block list view will look like:

    Container Block #1
    ---- Container Block #2
    ---- ---- Image Block 

    4. Select Container Block #2 and Duplicate it 3 times.
    5. Update the images.

    That will give you the basic layout you require.

  • antonio.tourino

    Amazing thanks so much

  • You’re welcome

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