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How to edit pseudo element in Global styles

  • Hi,
    Probably my lack of knowledge. But how should one quickly go to I edit an allready made global styles for a selector, like pseudo elements.

    I can select edit, but then I get confused see screencast video:

    I thought this was the way:
    Edit Global Style
    Selector three dots
    Edit Selector
    Where is it????
    But apparantly I have to click again on More?

    I could use these steps, but it is a bit confusing? Or I’m I missing something?
    Edit Global Style
    Click on selector

  • Hi there,

    are you wanting to edit the SELECTOR or the STYLES ON THE SELECTOR ?

  • The styles on the selector

  • I get it. It is a bit confusing though and not really intuitive.

    Maybe on three dots menu an extra option could be usefull? So besides Edit selector, Delete selector. Something like Edit selector, Edit selector styles and Delete selector?

  • good idea, ill see what we can do.

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