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How to improve FCP and LCP score as per users experience?

  • I have a website that is which I have checked on pagespeed insights of google where almost everything is good and the score is almost above 92 in every section. Even sometimes, it shows 100 score in performance section. When I scroll down, it shows the FCP score is 1.0 second and also LCP score is 1.0 second but in the view Treemap, the website page loads in the 4th box column. When I scroll down more then there is hardly 3-4 issues which is not too critical to slow down the load speed of website. I hope so, it can be avoided. But as per core web vitals, it shows failed and the users experience shows that the LCP score is 3.0 second and FCP score is 2.5 second which is too low and that means the website is not load quickly, it takes time. In the meantime, when you check our competitor site, which is is also using GP premium plugin that do not have any problem and the page speed is less than 1.0 second according to user experience.

    Can you please check and let me know what should I need to do to increase our website page speed without having any issue in pagespeed insights?

    Here I am going to share the print screen of core web vitals and page speed to check the issue.

  • Can you reply please???

  • Hi there,

    I just ran your site through PageSpeed Insights, and as you can see under the diagnostics, the main opportunity to improve is to reduce the initial server response time.

    This could be caused by a number of reasons, but it seems to me that the main cause here is server performance. You may want to reach out to your hosting provider to check if proper optimization has been performed on your server. If it is a lower-spec server, you may consider upgrading to a better spec.

  • I have contacted my hosting provider and there is no issue with the server. They told me to increase TTFB and according to Google TTFB should be 200ms which is now 600ms.

    Can you please let me know how to fix it?

    With Regards

  • I’m not sure why the hosting provider advised increasing TTFB, as it should be as low as possible.

    Have you installed any cache plugins on your site? A properly set up caching system could improve the TTFB metric.

  • I have installed the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on my site but still, my website is taking a lot of time to load.

  • It’s not a simple install-and-go solution, you still need to do some configuration.

    You may find some pointers in this article:

  • I follow the guidelines which is given in this article. It works lot better than previous but still my website open in 1.8 seconds which means it takes more time as per Google guidelines regarding page speed. I want to open the website within 1.2 seconds. I did everything that I could do but still can’t reduce the page speed time within 1.2 seconds. Can you tell me now what can I do to reduce the page speed time? Can you suggest any solution and help to figure out what the problems occur still?

  • I guess we can close this one as your other topic here addresses a similar issue:

  • One more problem which I face in my website that is
    /vcd15cbe7772f49c399c6a5babf22c1241717689176015 when I run coverage in the sources where I can see this problem. It can use unused bytes of JS.
    Here, I can share screenshot with you:

    If you are familiar with this problem then please help to solve this problem. Can it remove and if yes, then how?

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