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How to make images of features posts on top clickable

  • Hi Team,

    As the title suggests, the images of posts featured on top are not clickable right now. Only the headline is clickable which takes the user to post.

    Section in concern:

    I need to make the image clickable too. How can I do that?
    I checked the elements but didn’t find any option.

  • You can use the dynamic content feature to enable links for the image.

    Click on the image in the “query loop” and scroll down to the dynamic content section to enable it and choose the link source as “Single Post”

    And update it. Once done, you can see the images are clickable, and once clicked, it opens the article directly.

  • fernandoazarcon2

    Hi Ananttah,

    Those images are added as background images of a Container Block. You’ll need GenerateBlocks Pro to turn Container Blocks into links. Reference:

  • Hi fernando,

    I checked the shared link but it won’t make sense to go for pro version to make the images clickable.

    Is there any alternative to handle this case?

  • fernandoazarcon2

    You can show the images through an Image Block instead. Reference:

    This Block doesn’t need GB Pro to turn it into a link.

  • Will that allow showing posts through query loop as the section is supposed to show featured posts with the category “Featured”?

  • You can use GB image block inside a query loop block.

  • Hi Ying,

    How do I do that? Can you help me with a step wise process?

    Currently when I choose the query loop of top most featured image section and click on plus icon, it adds the element below.

  • You can select a block inside the query loop block, eg. a headline block, then click the 3dots icon, you can choose to insert block before/after the selected headline block.

    Alternatively, you can drag and drop blocks via the block list view.

    As the block editor is handled by WordPress, please check this WP doc for more details on how to use Gutenberg block editor:

  • I tried following your first approach.

    Added the image block before post title but it does not fit as per theme featured section.

    Here’s an image how it is with the corresponding dynamic section:

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