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How to pull in Block Alignment into Global Styles?

  • I want to create an outer-container class for divs to be full width like what one sets in the Block Alignment to be full in the sidebar of the post editing experience. How would I go about doing that?

  • Hi there,

    Containers are full-width relative to their parent element by default.

    The alignfull option does not work well with GP theme, it creates overflow issue, as the option is not from GB, but WP, so no, it can not be added to the global style.

    If you want something full width, make sure its parent element is full width without paddings.

  • so would you recommend instead, making all styling / padding settings inside styles and not using block alignment at all?

  • If you want to use full width blocks, make sure you set the content container of the page/post to be full width.

    And if you want it to be full width in the sidebar, you need to remove the sidebar paddings.

    It should not be applied to the block itself, but the parent of the block.

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