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How to set up a page that shows all latest posts?

  • I feel like I’m having a brain freeze! I have been able to set up an Element that creates a customized Loop Template for my category pages. It uses “Inherit query from template” on the query loop, includes a Pagination block, and it works just fine.

    However, I am running into a brick wall trying to create a similar page that shows ALL the latest posts, from all categories, in reverse date order, and includes the same dynamic pagination that my category pages implement.

    Wouldn’t this use the exact same query loop setup, with Element Type: Loop Template, but with Location: Blog instead? Or would “Location” be something different?

    And then: where do I find this page? My category archive pages show up at – they’re not hard to find. But at which URL is this “blog” page located? (I am using a custom Page for my homepage.)

    Thanks for your help – I’m sure this is a basic question but I just can’t wrap my head around it!

  • OK – I think I’ve figured it out. For anyone in a similar situation:
    1) Create a blank Page.
    2) Set this page to your Posts page in Settings – Reading.
    3) Then you can set up an Element exactly as I described above, and the blog feed will be accessible on that page’s URL.

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing your findings! 🙂

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