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How to show different author for different article

  • Hey there, my blog has 2 authors who write different articles. But I can’t find a way to change the author box at the end of the article in GP Elements so that the article written by a particular author is correctly attributed. How can I fix this?

  • Hi there,

    how did you build the Author Box ?

    If it is with GeneraeBlocks then you can set them to display Dynamic Data.
    E.g an GB Image Block can be set to show the Author Avatar, a Headline to display the Author name etc

  • Hey David, it was already enabled I believe with the template (Shop – from Site Library) I’m using. I edited the author box in Elements > Author Bio. But that only shows 1 author, whereas my site has 2 authors that write different articles. That’s where I’m stuck. Not sure how to change author names to append to the articles written by a particular author.

  • Hi there,

    How are you defining the 2nd author? Are you using a plugin? If so, can you tell us what it is?

  • Hi Fernando, that’s what I meant, I don’t know how to add the 2nd author box at the end of articles written by that particular author. Currently the author box is generated by GP Elements > Author Bio

  • Oh, so you don’t have a second author field yet for posts.

    One approach is to create a custom Post meta field for the 2nd Author through a plugin called ACF. Reference:

    Then, you can grab that post meta data through a GB Headline Block:

  • This seems a bit complicated. Alternatively I could use an author box/bio plugin and remove the GP Author Bio in Elements right?

  • It depends on the plugin. If that plugin has a feature that would allow you to add two authors per post, then that would be a good approach.

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