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How to use inner container for 2 grid column with full width backgrounds?

  • Hi support,

    I have a full width layout as I use images and background colors in my design that I want to show full width. Within my container, I have an inner container so the text is contained and not stretching full width.

    But now I want to have 2 grid columns that need to stretch full width because they have a different background color (e.g. left column is a red background, right a pink one).


    How do I align the content/text here, as adding an inner container in the grid columns is not working?

    What I’m trying to achieve (image found on Google):

    Thanks for looking into this!

  • Hi there,

    Conceptually, it would be something like this:

    This example shows two Containers that are 600px in max-width which works for a 1200px content width. If you have a different content width, just divide it by 2 to get the needed max-width for the inner inner Containers’ widths.

  • Thank you for your quick reply Fernando, incredible! Your explanation works great for me, so this topic can be closed.

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