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Image Alignment

  • How can I align text and image like this:

    Is it possible to do it in Generateblocks? Kindly help.

  • Hi there,

    try this:

    1. Add a GB Image Block
    2. after the image block add some paragraphs of text.

    At this point you should have an image with text below

    3. select the Image Block
    3.1 in the Blocks toolbar set the Alignment to FLOAT LEFT
    3.2 in the blocks settings set:
    3.2.1 the Width to a smaller value eg. 300px
    3.2.2 the Spacing > Margin Right & Bottom to 10px

  • Thank you for the elaborate description. Trying to fix it now following your detailed instructions.

  • After selecting Float the text is still below the image.

    I have used the Generateblocks Heading block to add the paragraphs below the image.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Can i see the page on your site ?

  • Thank you David for your guidance. I managed to tweak the settings a bit and fix it.

  • Glad to hear that

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