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Image Block: Auto-Resize possible?

  • SuperEngineer64

    Hey folks,

    so far Iam very happy with your product! Iam using GP with GB.

    Let’s say I have an image of 1000px * 1000px. Using the default image block in Gutenberg and setting the image-size to 500 by 500, WordPress automatically creates an 500 by 500 image on the server. That’s very nice for performance and I don’t have to create a new image every time I’am changing the size.

    Is this possible with the Image-Block of Generateblocks as well?


  • Hi Tim,

    It’s not possible at this moment, but I will forward this request to our development team 🙂

    If we receive the same feature request multiple times, we will definitely consider adding it to our product.

  • SuperEngineer64

    Hey Ying,

    thanks for your response!

    // deleted. will be edited soon


  • You are welcome   🙂

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