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Incorrect Grid Display

  • Hello Team,

    Coming to you for 3 different issues :

    1) When clicking on my FAQs menu, it quite often takes age to quickly load the page (nota : FYI I have all of my articles on it) whereas on the other pages that’s fine. I don’t see where is the problem there…

    2) On that FAQs page, it seems my element overlaps with the h1 title whereas on the other page that’s also fine.

    3) I use a grid for my CTA. Side by side of the button, I use arrows but for some reason it seems I haven’t got the same gap in between them and the CTA. It’s even more visible on the mobile version. What do you think ?

    Please find below a picture showing you what I explained above.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi Johann,

    Can you share the link to the site in question? We’ll check the site out and see what’s going on.

  • Hello Fernando,

    The site is mentioned in the private information box 😉

  • I see. You placed it in an <a> tag with no text. I added a text to it so it appears.

    1. It’s loading fast from my end. Can you try loading it from a different browser to test?

    2. The FAQs page is an archive page as opposed to a static page. The custom code you have for spacing only works for posts and pages because of the structure and your selector.

    I would recommend adding bottom margin to the Container Block of your Block Element above the title.

    3. Instead of a Grid Block, can you create a Container Block that’s set to display flex. Set the alignment: – then add the button and the 2 icons inside.

    This should help you style it better.

  • Hello,

    I successfully added the bottom margin (with CSS) + created a container block with 2 icons but I still can’t find how to deal with the gap in between my element and the main title block on that archive page.

    What would be your advices on this specific aspect ?

    See attached picture

  • Hi there,

    edit your element, select the top Container Block
    In Spacing set the Bottom Margin to 0

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your answer however that did not help.

    After investigation, I simply added a 20px left margin and it solves the issue !

    Thanks anyway ^^

  • Glad to hear that

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