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iPhone 14 SE Safari Browser has broken Off Canvas Panel

  • Hi Team GenerateSupport, and good afternoon,

    Customizing ▸ Layout ▸ Off Canvas Panel ▸ Slide

    If I visit and use the integrated Chrome responsive testing it looks fine, but, if I visit on iPhone Safari browser the panel is not being translated correctly. I’m looking to solve this problem with your help, I’d like the menu to slide open left or slide open right in correct direction without flying off the screen.

    There appears to be a problem with the Safari browser. Can you suggest a CSS solution to resolve this issue? I examined the ARBORIST site on, specifically comparing the menu in portrait mode on both Brave and Safari. I apologize for the viewport switching inconvenience; it can be challenging to manage the menu switcher on smaller viewports.

  • Hi there,

    what is the iOS version? – ill need to hunt down an iPhone 14 to see if i can replicate.

  • Hi David, I hope you’re having a pleasant day.

    This phone is using iOS 16.6 — I checked Safari settings on find the version, and it appears to be the latest as well. Additionally, I confirmed that no extensions were enabled and disabled all of them.

  • Ok. I am going to do some tests, and ill report back asap !

  • What extensions ( if any ) do you have on Safari?
    And can you check if they are interfering.

  • Anticipating the inquiry, I, having been a champion in wizard’s chess, had previously stated:

    > Additionally, I confirmed that no extensions were enabled and disabled all of them.

    I just asked my buddy on his iPhone if he also has the issue on safari and no issue present, it works correctly. I believe his viewport size might be larger and perhaps that could be the issue (iPhone 14 SE is 390px × 844px).

    Maybe I don’t need the feature after all 🤷‍♂️

  • I previously could read words and comprehend them… seems to be no longer the case. Sorry for the oversight i just saw the extension icon in the video ( or did i lol )

    Its odd.
    I have one friend with an iPhone 14, and they have no issue.
    And i tested across multiple virtual tools eg. BrowserStack, xcode Simulator etc. and they too are ok.

  • Thanks for fantastic support and kindness… 🍻


  • You’re welcome!

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