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Issue with local styles being created when adding anchor links

  • Hey,

    in one of my posts, I have several containers that reference headings within the post using anchor links. These containers were created using global styles and do not have any local styles applied. However, whenever I add an anchor link to the container, a local style is automatically generated. If I delete this local style, the anchor link also disappears, which is not the intended behavior.

    Could you please look into this issue? I have attached a link to a screen recording demonstrating the problem.

    Thank you very much in advance for your support.


  • Hi there,

    Does the local style cause any trouble in the editor or front end?

  • Yes, I can’t click on the container anymore. Both in the editor and in the frontend. The link disappears.

  • Hi there,

    when you add a Container Link – the default option is to add a Hidden Link.
    This inserts the <a> inside the container.
    And the link is then position: absolute to its parent.
    For that to work GB adds a local block style to the Container Block of position: relative.
    Without it the link will get absolutely positioned to the root element eg. the body and cover the entire page.

    So if you MUST remove the block style, make sure that your Containers global style has a position: relative property set

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