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Issues with background video

  • Hi, I have a few issues with setting a background video on my home page hero section even after following the instructions outlined here:

    1. The text is not overlaying on the video. Instead, it goes below, despite setting the z-index values according to instructions.
    2. The video auto-plays on Chrome but not on Safari desktop. It instead shows a play button. Also, the poster image does not occupy full width and height.
    3. The opacity of the video is not changing despite setting it in CSS.

    I have shared the website details and access privately in case you want to take a look.

  • Hi there,

    Try adding the CSS to the top of your CSS field to eliminate syntax errors from previous CSS.

    And I tested on Safari, it auto-plays with no issue, I don’t see a play button.

    Let me know if this helps!

  • Yes, that helped in fixing the text overlay issue. However, I’m still unable to change the opacity of the video.

  • I think you shared the wrong screenshot.

    The opacity seems to be hit or miss. Currently, it isn’t working for me. I’m also getting a play button on Safari instead of the video auto-playing:

  • Hi there,

    I viewed the site in Safari, and the video is auto-playing.

    Also, the opacity works when I adjust the opacity value in the Customizer’s CSS.

  • Okay, it’s working on and off. Maybe some issues with my browser. Thanks a lot!

  • No problem!

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