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Latest Blog Posts Layout Help (Beginner)

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m very new to Generate Press and I’m struggling a little to get to grips with the homepage on the Theme ‘Journal’.

    I would like to create a section showing the latest blog posts – 6 posts in total on 2 lines of 3.

    Perfect example I’m trying to recreate is on the homepage of the –

    In fact, the Journal theme ‘Blog Page’ is also perfect. I just don’t know how to recreate this on a section of the homepage.

    I feel it should be very simple but currently the posts just go down vertically 🙁

    Any advice most welcome.

    Many thanks.


  • Hi there,

    Are you planning to keep the About section? If not, we can recreate a new layout exactly the same as the example you provided.

    Let us know.

  • Hi Alvind,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, thinking about it, probably best I keep the sidebar on the top section as is on the homepage.

    So, in the section below the large homepage intro text, it would be great to have 4 of the latest blog posts 2 rows of 2.

    Currently there is one column of posts going vertically.

    How can I get make it so that they are horizontal and are the latest from the Blog?

    My apologies if this is very simple, however, I’m rather lost at the moment.

    Many thanks.


  • it would be great to have 4 of the latest blog posts 2 rows of 2.

    Select the post template block of the query loop, set width to 50% to make 2 columns, it’s currently set to 100% (1 column).

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