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Limits on number of hook elements

  • Hi,

    Wondering if this a viable solution if GeneratePress has 1100 total elements.

    My use case right now:

    – I would need to build 1000 hook elements for 500 Woocommerce product pages

    – Each product page would need 2 unique hooks with a display rule only for that product page. Wondering how GeneratePress retrieves those hooks and if it slows down the page loading time?

    – Each product page would have less than 20 elements total including header, footer and so on. 18 elements would have more general display rules like “all products”

    Maybe there’s a better way to handle this.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi there,

    That sounds very inefficient, may I ask what will the content be in the hook for the product page?

    Have you thought about using dynamic content in the hook so that you only need 2 hooks overall for the 500 product pages?

    Let me know 🙂

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