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Link colours working on Pages but not Posts

  • I am having issues with hyperlink colours on my blog I am using the Lens theme from GeneratePress. For some reason, the links show up as they should on my PAGES, with a lime green colour for hyperlinks, and an orange colour for the hover state. However, on my POSTS, the link colours aren’t showing up at all so it isn’t obvious where the links are. What’s also weird is that in the WordPress post editor, the links show up in the appropriate colour. But when it’s published, the font end isn’t showing the appropriate colours. Not sure what setting I’ve done wrong that results in the posts now showing the appropriate colours.

    Please help!


  • Hi there,

    You can set the link color for body at customizer > colors.

    It uses the link color set for content on page, as it uses .inside-article a selector, but the posts are using a dynamic content template, the inside-article class does not exist in posts, so the link color set for content would not apply, but the link color set for body should apply.

  • Perfect! Thank you. Closing this one too.

  • No Problem 🙂

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