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  • Hello,

    I would like to change feature of my generate press template.

    (URL on private)

    As you can see, when you pass the mouse through the images on the right, the country’s name appears. I want to set it always like this. I mean, I want to always show the country’s name, no matter if you are passing with the mouse on it.

    Can you help me with that?

    Thank you.

  • 1. Go to customizer > additional CSS, remove this CSS:

    .hover-darken:hover:before {
    .hover-darken:hover h2 {
    .hover-darken h2 {
    .hover-darken, .hover-darken * {
    	transition:all 0.3s ease;

    2. Go to appearance > elements, edit Gallery loop template, select the post template block, and remove its additional CSS class hover-darken

    3. If you want the image to be darker, select the post template block and lower the image opacity in the backgrounds panel.

  • Thank you Ying.

    Great explication 🙂

  • No Problem 🙂

    By the way, beautiful site and amazing photos! I really like it!

  • Thank you Ying!

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