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Linked H3 shows Strikethrough on mobile

  • The page with issue is

    I have multiple H3 Headings that I’ve linked to their respective pages. For some reason, the appearance of a ‘Strikethrough’ only appears on one of them ‘Keyword Analysis’ and only on mobile devices(no problems on desktops).

    Please note that I’ve cleared cookies/cache and even restarted each browser I use (Chrome, FF, Safari, and Opera). Still, the Strikethrough only appears on mobile. Link to screenshots is below.

    Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

    Side notes: Thank you again for the best theme, page builder, and support. I’ve been recommending it a lot.

  • Hi there,

    The screenshot is leading to a “502 Bad Gateway” link. May you kindly reshare the screenshot for reference?

    We’re very glad that you appreciate our products and our support! 🙂

  • not sure why you are getting ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error. I’ve just clicked on the same link in the post and didn’t get the error.

    Just in case, here it is;

  • I can see it now. How are you adding the Strikethrough design currently?

  • Hi Fernando,

    I haven’t added any strikethrough. However, the issue is now resolved. For some reason, the strikethrough appears on mobile device for that particular linked H3 heading because of the font-size. Once I reduced the font-size, everything look fine.

    Thank you, once again, for the best product and support. I am marking this as resolved.

  • I see. Glad you’ve resolved it! You’re welcome!

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