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Links Do Not Have Descriptive Text

  • ALL I want to do is to add a descriptive text to a link when you hover. Been able to do this since 1995 in HTML and in WP since 2006. I can do it by going to html view and adding it, but that is slow, and blocks are already slow enough.

    Example below what I do with html. No choice on the advanced link options…which BTW I have to click on the link after creating it just to say open in new window. Very convoluted. Why not just have to choices when you FIRST create the site?


    I need accessibility for a site I am creating.


  • Hi there,

    The Block Editor was introduced and set as the default Editor by WordPress in 2018.

    You can still add HTML through an HTML Block or by installing the Classic Editor plugin.

    The caveat to using the Classic Editor is that you won’t be able to use GenerateBlocks since it only works with the default WordPress Block Editor.

    Since you have GB Pro, you can add custom attributes easily through the Advance Options:

    You can add attributes like aria-label and title there.

  • All I want to do is to add descriptive text to a link when you rollover the text

  • All I want to do is to add descriptive text to a link when you rollover the text

    You can select the headline and click the 3 dots icon to open the menu, click Edit as HTML, and add title attribute to the link.

    Something like this, just replace my-title with your descriptive words.
    <p class="gb-headline gb-headline-acfcd714 gb-headline-text">some words <a href="" title="my-title">link</a> some other words</p>

  • Might as well go back to Notepad like when I wrote my first site in 1995…or go back to WP 2.x when I wrote my first WP site in 2006. 😂 Now I do realize that even John Mueller claims that these title tags have little to do with SEO, but when a site NEEDS to be ADA compliant for the government, this is necessary. I will just use html in the “code” mode. Sooo glad I did not learn WP with a PageBuilder. Might want to consider adding this feature in a new release of GB. As for me, the next site will be built with GP sans blocks. 😑

  • You already can add the title attribute to the headline block within GB Pro’s setting, however, if you only want to add the title to the link, you can edit the HTML and add it 🙂

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