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Links do not have descriptive text 

  • Hello,
    When I tested our website using Google PageSpeed Insights, an error appeared stating, “Links do not have descriptive text,” which seems to be caused by the “Read more” buttons for recent posts. However, we have customized our design, and there is no “Read more” button anymore. I asked my developer about this and he explained that he chose to hide the buttons instead of removing them completely because removing the buttons would also eliminate the post excerpt. Is this true? How can we resolve this issue?

    Thank you

  • Hi Sevan,

    Google doesn’t like the Read more text because it’s too generic. See Ying’s explanation here:

    For one, you can replace the text with something different, or create a layout that doesn’t have such a “read more” button.

    If you don’t want the Read More link on the WordPress Query Loop, just leave the Read More text blank. Doing that should prevent the Read More link from appearing.

    Moreover, if you use the GB Query Loop Block, you can also have the excerpt without the Button. Reference:


    There are also other ways to remove the Excerpt Button through code but the two ways mentioned above should be good.

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