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Listed table

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to create the listed table as shown here:

    I’ve created a grid and used parent and child containers to organise my text as shown here:

    How can I manage the layout such that the text inside each container aligns at the top? I have selected the top of the grid in each container, but somehow the content stretches out?

    I don’t have the original link to the post with the above. I replaced it with a picture.


  • Hi there,

    can you share the front end links to that post ?
    As the URLs you provided require us to be logged into the site.

  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry for my question, but what is a front-end-link and how do I share it?

    I have not yet published the post, so the below 2 links is all I have?


  • You need to publish the posts to have a front end post link.

    We are not able to see the backend unless you can provide the WP login credientials.

  • Ok – have published the post. See link below.

  • For all containers that are inside the Grid, set them all todisplay:default instead of flex.

  • Awesome. Worked well.


  • You are welcome   🙂

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