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Location-Based Filtering

  • I have a website with thousands of business listings, each with a specific address. I’m in the process of creating pages that group these listings via query loop based on certain variables. I don’t know if there is native functionality for what I’m looking for within generatepress, so I wanted to check. What I’d like is to have a custom field on a page where I can input an area (ex. Lancaster, PA) on the backend of the site and then have the page pull in only businesses with addresses that are in within a 50 mile radius of the center of of that area.

    I would assume that the business addresses would need to be translated into longtitude and latitude and then the filtering would just be whatever coordinates fall within the radius, but I’m not sure how to do this.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi there,

    GB or GP definitely can not do that, you might want to look into plugins that has the functionality.

    BUt I’m not sure how to integrate it with GB’s query loop block.

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