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Mega Menu

  • Hello! I need some help like how to create mega menu without using plugin because I have already many plugins; I don’t want slow website. I want to add service page but I don’t know how to make service plan and a customized service plan for customers. I am a graphic designer so I really need it. Please help. Thank you so much.


  • Hi there,

    Without a plugin, here’s an article you may refer to with regard to creating a simple Mega Menu:

    For more complex mega menus, it would be best to reach out to a developer. The level of customization needed for complex mega menus would be out of our scope of support, unfortunately.

    If you still want to consider using a plugin, one customer recommended this lightweight plugin before:

    And pls guide about service, I had asked for it.
    Thank u

  • Can you disable Litespeed cache and any other caching/optimization plugins temporarily so we can see the raw CSS on your site?

    Also, do you have a reference site that has the design of the Service page you wish to have? Or, do you have a sketch of it?

  • I use plugin. Thank you
    I need another help with max mega menu plugin. Kindly visit my website there you can see seamless pattern isn’t looking fine.
    Second thing I need help for service section

  • Let’s address the menu first to avoid confusion.

    Can you share a screenshot of the issue “seamless pattern isn’t looking fine”? Currently, this is what I’m seeing:

  • Problem solved. Thank you.

  • I see. Glad you resolved it! You’re welcome!

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