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Multiple blocks appearing as a series of columns in inside_container hook

  • I’ve got an issue where I’m trying to incorporate a hero block and then a trending block as rows on desktop. Instead it’s all appearing as columns making for quite a messy design.

    In addition, even though I took my Post Grid block off the front page (and saved it for just Blogs and All Archives), it’s still appearing and I don’t want that there. How do I get rid of it?

  • Hi there,

    in Dashboard > Settings > Reading, you have the homepage set to show the Latest Posts.
    If you want more control over designing the homepage I suggest you set it to Display a Static Page.
    This will remove the default loop and allow you to build it directly in the page editor.

    Would that help ?

  • Not sure. But I’ll try.

    Also., I didn’t get any email notification of this. I usually do so that’s a bit odd.

  • Make sure the Notify me of follow-up replies via email option is ticked, but sometimes emails do slip through though..

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