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my mobile vie and tabled view is messed up

  • hi i am desgning my homepage and it seems my mobile view and tablet view is not working. The screen moves everything is not aligned no matter how hard i try.

    what is the problem? can you pleace assist?
    Thank you.
    please find attached the webside details bellow.

  • Hi there,

    the Footer element has some overflow.

    Edit the Footer Element in Apperance > Elements
    Open the List View in the editor.
    If you expand the list you will see something like:

    Container Block #1
    —- Container Block #2
    —- —- Headline
    —- —- Container Block #3
    —- —- Container Block #4

    Select Container Block #3 and in Sizing > Width – remove the value from there.

  • Thank you it worked.
    The only thing is how to fit all the heading in the mobile view?
    It seems my heading is being cut off.

  • Those have similar issues , for example the H2 Your Nepal ultimate Nepal Trekking Guide Heading.
    Select that and remove its Sizing > Width value.

    Next the section Container Block for Best Packages To Experience Nepal select that.
    Go to the Sizing > Desktop and remove the Width value and instead set the Max Width to 1200px
    Then switch to Mobile view and remove the Width value from there too.

    Now inside that container you have another container for the Who We Are text and image.
    That container also has a Width set for Desktop and Mobile. Remove those widths.

  • thank you so much it worked!

    Many thanks

  • You’re welcome

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