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Navigation expands and contracts when clicked

  • The main navigation for the website is expanding when some menu items are clicked and then going back to the original size. It is somewhat sporadic when a menu item is clicked.

    Not sure why this is suddenly happening and haven’t been able to resolve it.

  • Hi Tthomson,

    On what device is this occurring? I can’t seem to replicate the issue on Desktop.

  • I am only seeing it on desktop (not mobile) and it is sporadic. Have you tried expanding the submenus and clicking on the top navigation? It is interesting that I see this sporadically on all pages except for all the Portfolio pages which are not cached (I have these set to not be cached in WPRocket.

  • On what page does it occur often? I can’t seem to replicate the issue from my end.

  • Well, I cannot explain this but I can no longer replicate this issue. So for now, it appears to be resolved.

  • If it happens again, please try #1 here to debug:

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