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New Install of GeneratePress -Giant Icons

  • Hello,

    I purchased GeneratePress and installed it on my fresh WordPress installation that is hosted with Lithium Hosting. When I picked a premium theme from the Site Library and installed it, the installation succeeded but now the images are huge on my website. I didn’t receive any errors so I wanted to put in a support request before I started digging around.

    Website is


  • Hi there,

    Can you clear and disable your caching plugin first?

    Let me know 🙂

  • Hi Leo,

    I emptied cache, disabled the plugin and cleared my browser cache just to be certain. No change. Do you have any other suggestions? I ran the site library import wizard to apply this theme, should I delete the theme and re-run the import?


  • Hi Casey,

    That would be a good idea for debugging too.

    May we know which template you’re importing?

    Can you also try a), and if that doesn’t work, try b) here?:

    a) Choose Inline Embedding for the CSS Print Method in Settings > GenerateBlocks.
    b) Regenerate your CSS files in Settings > GenerateBlocks.


  • Hi Fernando,

    It turns out I just needed to install the GenerateBlocks plugin and that resolved all my issues. I guess I didn’t realize that was a requirement of the GeneratePress theme.

    Thanks for your suggestion, the site looks a lot better now!

  • Oh. I see. Glad you found the cause! You’re welcome, casey!

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