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New site is showing bottom scrollbar when using container with alignfull

  • mattallendunamis

    I have an issue with a new site where I have blocks that are using alignfull. On a page where a block is using that class the container is pushed out of the screen container causing a bottom scrollbar. This is only happening on this site. I have many other sites where this problem has not occured. I have tried disabling all plugins and removing all custom css and the problem is still there. If I switch to another theme the issue doesn’t appear. I have tried removing and reinstalling the theme and the issue is persistant. I have to launch this site asap, is there anyway you could help me figure out the issue please.

  • Hi there,

    Yes, if you are using the align full option, it will overflow and a scroll bar will show due to horizontal scroll.

    The align full option is not from GB or GP, it’s from WP, even though it creates a lot of issues, we are not allowed to remove it from the editor, unfortunately.

    To have a full-width layout, we would recommend:

    1. Set the content container to full width, you can do so via a layout element (mass operation) or the layout metabox.

    2. Now every container you added to the page is full width by default, you can remove the align full option, and set the alignment to default.

    Let me know if this helps!

  • mattallendunamis

    Hi Ying,

    I have built many sites with GP using alignfull on containers with default layout width, I.e. not full width container. I don’t want the whole page full width, just certain containers. is an example, in fact the site I am having issue with started as a clone of Accoutaxzone site and I don’t have a horizontal scrollbar showing on that site. For some reason on this site, and this site only, I am seeing a problem with alignfull containers. I have compared both sites side by side and css is exactly the same and producing the same calculated vales for alignfull but is showing different results.

  • Hi there,

    It seems like the layout is built using another block plugin. Unfortunately, we cannot advise on what to change based on that.

    By the way, you should use the block plugin’s method to create full width instead of using ‘alignfull’.

  • mattallendunamis

    Hi Alvind,

    Thanks, Yes I can see now a problem with the page builder module. If I use WP row it doesn’t occur.

    Apologies on that I will dig into it.

  • No problem 😊

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