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Newbie and Paragraph Padding

  • I’m using premium for the first time today with a view to replace my current theme with something that is easier to use than my current preferred theme (Avada). What I cannot work out is how to change the padding on paragraphs to smaller values than those that exist out of the box so to speak. I can understand how to set margins and padding for headers and footers etc but the paragraph doesn’t appear on the layout list.

    I am getting this on three simple paragraphs. All have every possible option set to 0 for padding (looking at the developer interface on safari shows that it is padding)

    here is the screen shot

    The green borders are for me to see the options

  • Hi there,

    by default Paragraphs will inherit font styles and Bottom Margin from the body styles.

    Go to Customizer > Typography and Add or Edit a Body Typography style.
    There you can adjust the Bottom Margin there. The themes default value is 1.5em

    That will of course apply to all paragraphs across the site.

    If you need to break from the themes styles when building other types of content, then you can use the GenerateBlocks plugin and its Headline block, which comes with a tonne of block styling controls.

  • Thanks for the reply. I started with the basic generateblocks and GeneratePress
    . I have been using Avada which is good but it needs a few bits of css to make it look ok ( or at least in my view )

    After upgrading I’m not really sure of what I expected but I have created some simple pieces of CSS which I am using.

    Possibly I need to work through the tutorials ( there’s a first time for everything I suppose )

  • Feel free to open as many topics as you need. More than happy to help

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