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  • Trying out the newsroom template and making a number of changes. First, changed the additional CSS to support a blue menu with dropdown white lettering. This mostly works find but I have a long list under a menu item for Archives and when scrolling down too far down the page the menu dynamically switches from the blue with easy to read white background to a gray background with barely visible post titles. A hint on why/where to fix would be helpful.

    I created a static home page and just used the template default front page. Several of my posts are showing multiple times on the page under various headings so I need to fix this. I also wanted to customize the block query loop to have it return all posts in a category. I tried the following modification:

    <!– wp:generateblocks/query-loop {“uniqueId”:”095a64a7″,”columns”:1,”query”:{“post_type”:”post”,”per_page”:”-1″}, “category_name”:”ai”}, “metadata”:{“name”:”Ai”}} –>

    to retrieve all articles in a category named ai. I cleared every cache (WP, Chrome, Cloudflare) I could think of yet the code change made no difference in the content returned. I sure wanted to try “open sesame” just to see but decided instead hang my Joomla head down and ask the WP community.

    There is also an annoying tiny issue where the first 5 posts/images come out just fine but all subsequent images line up on the left column only with no padding between each image at all. I’m very optimistic this will be an easy fix.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration of my topic. I’d really love it if there was detailed documentation on this template but also know how much work that requires.


  • Hi there,

    Could you provide the link to your site so we can see the issue?

    By the way you cannot edit the query loop like that. Instead, use the Query Loop Parameter to query based on category.

    You can refer this article for more information:

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