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no theme image displayed under appearance/themes

  • Hi there,
    the problem stated in this topic may relate to the problem in my previous topic.

    Here is the scenario.
    I have an exisitng LIVE website, said site-A.
    A stagging website was created for website-B by installing a new wordpress with GeneratePress theme and then sync data from site-A from site-B.

    Since this site is still under-construction:
    1. I activated “cPanel/web protection”, thus, browsers need to type in a password to access site-B.
    2. Besies, “settings/reading/Discourage search engines from indexing this site” was also checked.

    Then, I just leave it as it is there for two days.

    Today, I was trying to edit site-B.
    “cPanel/web protection” => unlock this first, then go wordpress dashboard to edit the site.
    I found that no imgeas was shown whan I go appearance/themes for GeneratePress theme.
    Please view the video shared in private section.

    any suggestion?


  • Hi there,

    It seems like some files are missing from the theme folder. Could you try reinstalling the theme on Site B?

  • Hi there,

    thanks for your support.
    I reinstalled GP nad even WordPress , it still doesn’t work.
    I found the image path:
    (site-B web address)/wp-content/themes/generatepress/screenshot.png?ver=3.4.0

    screenshot.png =>it is there. I am sure.
    However, onece I access the full length below:
    (site-B web address)/wp-content/themes/generatepress/screenshot.png?ver=3.4.0

    It shows “can’t find that page”

    any idea?

  • Hi there,

    when viewing the theme page.
    Right Click > Inspect the page to open the browser developers tools.
    In the developers tools check the Console tab for any errors

    I captured the error message.
    please view the link in private section.

  • Hi there,

    A 404 error means that your server couldn’t find the requested page.

    Try this first:

    1. Go to Settings > Permalinks.
    2. Click Save Changes to refresh the permalink structure.

    If it doesn’t work, you might need to check with your host, to see if it can connect to

    Keep us updated!

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